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    As we together work our way through the COVID-19 pandemic, USA Hockey will continue to provide updates to their Affiliates. The CBHL is working closely with the PVAHA on status updates.


    On March 13, 2020, the PVAHA issued a statement regarding the 2019-2020 USA Hockey National tournaments being cancelled due to COVID-19.

    March 23, 2020, PVAHA announced that tryouts were being postponed and “all ice rinks within PVAHA are currently closed based on state or local restrictions.”

    We spent from April to June without on ice hockey.

    June 10, 2020, PVAHA releases a statement on Virginia ice rinks opening.

    June 22, 2020, PVAHA released a statement on try-outs and player contracts/agreements.

    July 31, 2020, PVAHA released a statement on USA Hockey rosters and USA Hockey sanctioned tournaments. No CBHL teams are permitted to play in non-sanctioned tournaments or travel outside of the PVAHA to play.

    September 1, 2020 USA Hockey 2020-2021 begins.

    September 5, 2020, PVAHA released guidelines and rules for Tier II, House/Rec, High School, season play.

    October 30, 2020 league play may begin.

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